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Bayport International Holdings, Inc. Prepares For Cannabis Technology Boom Spotlight Growth

Spotlight Growth, a full-service investor relations and awareness provider, announces it has published a report on Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: BAYP). Bayport International Holdings, Inc. operates as a holding company, which primarily focuses on acquiring and developing cannabis technology assets.

While most cannabis investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts continue to focus primarily on the growth potential for cannabis growing and cultivation, there may be an even bigger winner that is being overlooked: cannabis technology.

Cannabis technology is a wide-ranging topic that covers everything from greenhouse construction, product delivery and cultivation lighting to digital cannabis directories, consulting, and news. Without cannabis technology, businesses would have a much more difficult time with efficiently producing and selling the product.

Major Cannabis Sales Growth Estimates Means Huge Gains For Technology

Cannabis sales estimates are showing major growth, as more U.S. states are likely to continue legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana use. According to New Frontier Data and Viridian Capital Advisors, legal sales of cannabis are estimated to reach $24.1 billion in 2025, compared to $6.6 billion in 2016.

Technology already has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives and the cannabis industry is no different. In fact, cannabis companies will likely continue to turn to technology to help them beat out competitors and stand out in an increasingly crowded market. As we look back on the cannabis movement, the long-term industry leaders will no doubt be companies that heavily relied on emerging technology in order to distinguish themselves.

Bayport International Looking to Expand Cannabis Tech Holdings, Currently Evaluating Several Potential Acquisition Targets

On September 27, 2017, Bayport International Holdings, Inc. announced it is actively looking into cannabis technology acquisition targets and even evaluating multiple potential deals. Currently, the company’s main cannabis technology holding is Weedwiser.com, a next-generation international cannabis directory. Weedwiser will offer a wide range of features, such as cannabis-related news, events, industry job listings, medical/recreational cannabis companies, and more.

While Weedwiser is still in beta, the final version is said to be “a more expansive and diverse version of WeedMaps, which is a popular cannabis delivery and dispensary directory.” Furthermore, Bayport International will continue to build additional services based off the Weedwiser platform over the long-term, as well as developing any further cannabis technology acquisitions that are taken over.

For the full report on Bayport International Holdings, Inc. and Weedwiser, please visit:http://spotlightgrowth.com/index.php/2017/09/28/bayport-i…

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Bayport International Holdings, Inc. Looking to acquire Cannabis Tech, Evaluating Multiple Acquisition Targets in the Cannabis Industry

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTCP:BAYP) is pleased to announce it is currently searching for acquisition targets within the cannabis technology industry. Bayport is currently in the process of evaluating multiple potential acquisition targets.

A couple of the opportunities that have been presented to us are in the cannabis industry and one option in particular is very attractive to us due to the scalability, the national reach and the revenue potential.”

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. is a company that up until late 2016 was focused primarily on precious metals, rare earth and oil and gas ventures. However, in late 2016, the company decided to refocus its focus to capture the incredible growth within the cannabis technology industry.

Clay Franks added, “The cannabis industry for the most part is still in its infancy. Multiple states already allow medical marijuana and several now allow recreational products as well. One of the options weve been presented has staying power for the long term and the risk vs reward if off the charts. We are excited about what weve seen to date and feel strongly that a separate division focused on the cannabis industry will create a long term benefit for the company and our shareholders.

Its Bayport attention to seek and acquire Legal Cannabis Tech sector acquisitions now and in the future to continue shareholder growth. This includes to further contribute to Weedwiser growth and development and marketing with new addition to additional platforms and applications to keep up with industry competitions.

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. Engages Spotlight Growth for Investor Relations and Media Awareness

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: BAYP) announced today that it has engaged Spotlight Growth to provide investor relations and media awareness services. Spotlight Growth will provide comprehensive investor relations, shareholder communications, branding, and marketing services to help expand the WeedWiser brand and generate further engagement and awareness from retail and institutional investors.

 Spotlight Growth is a boutique investor relations company that provides full-service IR and market awareness services to emerging growth companies. Through unique, content creation, effective representation, and leveraging relationships with broker-dealers, Spotlight Growth can provide the necessary shareholder communication and awareness to help the company build lasting relationships.

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Bayport International Holdings, Inc. Appoints New Board Member & New Secretary

Bayport today announced that Paul Strickland has been appointed to the Bayport Board of Directors. He will also serve as Secretary of the Company. Mr. Strickland is an advisor to, and director of, other public and private companies where he concentrates on ensuring corporate governance best practices are implemented. Mr. Strickland brings 20 years of professional international and domestic business experience to the Company with a focus on finance, private equity, venture capital, agriculture, resource, manufacturing, and technology sectors. “I’m happy to be joining the Bayport Board and believe the Company’s platform has significant upside potential,” said Mr. Strickland. He further stated, “the Company has developed tools for the cannabis sector that fulfill unmet demands in the market.” With a vast global network of business associates and partners, Mr. Strickland has the ability to work with the Bayport team to drive strategic growth initiatives and acquisitions. Mr. Strickland resides in Washington State and holds a degree from the University of Puget Sound.

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. Announces financing for further acquisitions in the legalized cannabis industry

DALLAS, March 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:BAYP) announced today that the company is in negotiations for financing a new development project and some possible acquisitions in the legalized cannabis industry. Since our growth in the legalized cannabis digital market in November 2016 of last year, the volume of interest has exploded and the user base of www.weedwiser.com is growing.

This will help shareholders investment in Bayport’s growth and bring Bayport to the next phase of business 2017.

We are also interviewing key personnel to put in place for our next level of growth of our platform www.weedwiser.com.

With the introduction of www.weedwiser.com and the upcoming completion of the new app interface, we are moving forward aggressively in the next 90 days. We plan to keep this momentum going as we enter this new exciting space, with the upcoming new website features on www.weedwiser.com and our app development along with putting a fantastic team of great minds together on board to help in the further development of the company in the  Legal Cannabis Industry.

Bayport will in short time produce news on the upcoming acquisitions, as well as more details on www.weedwiser.com progression.

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. Announces Move to Colorado

DALLAS, March 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:BAYP) announced today that the company has re-domiciled its corporate charter to the State of Colorado.

“The decision to incorporate in Colorado is largely based on the Legal Cannabis Industry. We believe this move will help Bayport in further acquisitions within the cannabis sector,” stated Bayport International Holdings, Inc. President Clay Franks.

The move of incorporation to the state of Colorado from Nevada is effective immediately.

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. Announces Updates to WeedWiser.com

DALLAS, Feb. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:BAYP) announced January 27, 2017 the launch of WeedWiser.com through its wholly owned subsidiary, Pacific Retail Group.  We would like to update shareholders on our progress to date.

We are pleased at the overwhelming positive response to WeedWiser.com and would like to thank all shareholders for their patience during the roll out.  Although only launched a few weeks ago, we have received numerous calls regarding publications, advertising and marketing.  Pacific Retail Group is currently hiring and training a team of sales and marketing professionals.  This group will begin shortly to further the development of this exciting new asset and to push WeedWiser.com into the media mainstream.

In addition, plans are also in the works for a very robust WeedWiser.com App that will run on both Apple and Android platforms.  More developments on the App will be shared with shareholders in the coming weeks.  Thank you for your continued support.

Bayport International Introduces WeedWiser.com, Its First Major Asset In The Cannabis Industry

DALLAS, Jan. 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:BAYP) announced today through its wholly owned subsidiary, Pacific Retail Group, the release of WeedWiser.com.

Mr. Franks stated, “We are pleased to introduce our signature cannabis platform to the general public and our shareholders alike.  Why WeedWiser.com?  Because we plan to build a business around teaching and educating both the cannabis business owner and the end user as well.  We are happy with the results of this project and will set out to immediately begin creating additional revenue through aggressive advertising and marketing.”

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. is a holding company active in Oil & Gas, strategic metals, precious minerals and energy production. The company is also actively involved in the cannabis industry through its primary asset, WeedWiser.com  The objective of the company is to provide diverse, yet practical investment opportunities to its shareholders.

Mr. Franks also stated, “The functionality of WeedWiser.com is much like that of Angie’s List.  The end user will find the site easy to navigate as they can search geographically, by category, and most conveniently, by zip code which drills down to their specific location.  Cannabis related businesses can list their company on our platform to gain more exposure for their business.  Each listing is geocoded, a participant can link back to their primary website, create articles and press releases, receive reviews, post events, job listings, and a full menu of products complete with images, details and pricing.  It is a beautiful website in my opinion.  It is now time to get to work maximizing the revenue potential.”

Mr. Franks finished up with, “We have an opportunity to grow something pretty special here, so as a result, we want to make it a main priority to grow shareholder base and worth. The cannabis industry is a great place to start in, in its infancy; we are proud to have a stake and be a part of such new industry. We’re just getting started.”

Bayport International Announces Cannabis Directory On Schedule For January 27th 2017

DALLAS, Jan. 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:BAYP) announced today that their cannabis directory is on schedule for January 27th.

Mr. Franks stated, “We are pleased to announce that all requested changes have been made to our newly acquired Online Cannabis Industry Directory and will be officially announced on Friday, January 27th.”

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. is a holding company active in Oil & Gas, strategic metals, precious minerals and energy production. The company is also actively moving into the legal cannabis industry. The objective of the company is to provide diverse, yet practical investment opportunities to its shareholders.

Mr. Franks finished up with, “We want to thank our shareholders for their patience while we have completed this project and we look forward to sharing our new online cannabis platform on Friday.  As of Monday, January 30th, we will begin to aggressively market our first of many online products to come.”

Bayport International Closes On First Legal Cannabis Acquisition

DALLAS, Dec. 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:BAYP) announced today that the company has officially closed on its first legal cannabis acquisition.

Mr. Franks, President, stated, “Bayport International is pleased to announce the acquisition of Pacific Retail Group, LLC based in Bend, Oregon.  PRG will operate as a new division of Bayport International Holdings, Inc. and all legal cannabis related business will flow through this new division of the company.  All documents have been signed, all assets associated with the company have been transferred to Bayport International and filings are now being submitted to the Oregon Secretary of State.”

Mr. Franks stated, “Bayport International will own and operate a very robust online cannabis directory in the coming weeks.  The PRG team is making some very exciting adjustments to the platform in order to maximize revenue potential.  We have announced that the business will begin operating as a Bayport International entity on or before January 27, 2017.  I can tell you today that the PRG team has reported that we will not only meet that target, but will most likely be able to complete all components of the project much earlier than expected.”

Mr. Franks also said, “If you are familiar with Angie’s List, you know that plumbers, electricians, etc. list their company on the site as a way to attract new customers.  The same will apply with our cannabis directory.  Legal marijuana dispensaries, delivery services, growers, physicians, vendors, etc. will all have the option of listing their businesses on our site.  The company will generate revenue via monthly subscriptions.  This is a proven business model as at least two companies currently generate tens of millions of dollars annually utilizing the same business model in the cannabis industry which is still for the most part in its infancy.  As the cannabis industry grows across the nation, tens of thousands of potential customers will become potential clients for Bayport International.”

Mr. Franks finished up with, “We want to thank the PRG team for their tireless efforts to date.  Now that all assets and key components of the infrastructure have been acquired, from here it is simply a matter of PRG completing some requested coding and structural changes.  These are exciting times for Bayport International and we want to thank you for your ongoing support of our company.”