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Bayport International Holdings, Inc. Purchase Agreement With 420skybnb Expected to Close Within Ten Days

DALLAS, Texas, Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: BAYP) is pleased to announce that its sales purchase agreement with 420skybnb.com has officially begun closing and is expected to be fully-executed within the next ten days. This will allow Bayport to have a minority interest within the cannabis tourism technology platform, further diversifying the company’s cannabis technology ecosystem.

Once the 420skybnb purchase agreement is fully-executed, Bayport International will have three cannabis technology platforms:

  • Weedwiser.com: platform that allows consumers and entrepreneurs to find cannabis merchants. E-commerce platform continues development, more details shortly.
  • Ecannago.com: platform that will provide a wide range of tools for cannabis companies to advertise, list, market, and sell their brand of products. Platform is currently under construction.
  • 420skybnb.com: platform that focuses on cannabis tourism and travel accommodations. Connecting cannabis travelers with approved hosts for short-term renting.

On January 22, 2018, Vermont officially became the ninth US State to have legalized recreational cannabis use for adults. Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed the bill into law, which will take effect on July 1, 2018. Under the new laws, adults will be allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis, two mature and four immature plants. Vermont becomes the first state to legalize recreational cannabis through the legislature.

As the recreational cannabis market continues to expand in 2018, cannabis tourism is expected to surge as a result. This shows that 420skybnb is in a very high-growth sub-segment of the cannabis industry, which still remains in its very early stages.

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. In Negotiations for Minority Interest in 420skybnb.com, A Cannabis Tourism Technology Platform

Dallas Texas, Jan. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: BAYP) is pleased to announce that it has entered into negotiations to acquire a minority interest in 420skybnb.com, a cannabis lifestyle traveling accommodations platform.

The 420skybnb platform connects cannabis travelers with cannabis-friendly hosts, which offer short-term housing accommodations. The Company is a cannabis technology company that ultimately is focused on capitalizing on the massive cannabis tourism industry.

According to a 2015 report from Colorado Tourism Office, a “survey of 3,250 tourists from Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, and other cities” showed that 8% reported visiting a recreational-use cannabis store. Interestingly enough, 85% of the tourists said that cannabis was their “primary motivator” for coming to visit Colorado.

As several more states continue to legalize recreational cannabis, the cannabis tourism phenomenon will continue to spread to these newly-legalized havens. California recently became a recreational market, and there are 250 million tourists coming into the California market annually. 420skybnb is the perfect platform for cannabis tourists to experience each of these states in a friendly and tolerant environment.

Similarly, 420skybnb supports cannabis entrepreneurs that seek to become hosts on the platform. This allows hosts to temporarily rent out their living space to other cannabis enthusiasts and earn money in exchange.

Bayport sees cannabis tourism as an overlooked segment of the overall industry. With 420skybnb’s cannabis technology platform geared towards travel and tourism, management sees the company as a natural fit within Bayport’s expanding platform ecosystem. Further details on the negotiations are expected shortly.

 For more information on 420skybnb, check out https://420skybnb.com

Bayport International Holdings Unveils its New Cannabis Technology Platform Ecannago.com

Dallas TX, Jan. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: BAYP) is pleased to unveil its new cannabis technology platform, www.Ecannago.com. The platform remains under construction, but the new platform will allow cannabis companies to have a wide array of tools to list, advertise, market, and sell their brand of products. Ecannago will provide companies another with another method to interact and gain awareness with cannabis consumers.

Once completed, Ecannago platform will join Bayport’s flagship cannabis technology asset, Weedwiser.com. Management’s primary objective in the immediate future is to complete development and launch of the Ecannago platform and Weedwiser’s ecommerce addition. Developers continue to make progress every day and additional information will be announced shortly.

The announcement comes just one day after the Vermont State legislature becomes the first in the nation to legalize recreational cannabis. Unlike the other eight states that have legalized recreational cannabis through ballot measures, the Vermont State legislature approved a bill that is expected to be signed by Governor Phil Scott.

Vermont’s major move could soon inspire other state legislatures to follow suit. In fact, similar legalization bills are scheduled to be introduced in Rhode Island and Connecticut. Keep in mind we are also less than two weeks into California’s new recreational cannabis system. State governments are responding to the overwhelming shift in cannabis support among its constituents. According to a recent Gallup poll, 64% of Americans said they supported legalizing cannabis.

Bayport continues to watch the cannabis legalization movement and the potential opportunities that become available. Management is very pleased with the way the company’s vision is coming together, as its cannabis tech ecosystem continues to expand.

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: BAYP) Issues Shareholder Updates

DALLAS, Jan. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: BAYP) is issuing a shareholder update in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent announcement to step up enforcement of federal cannabis laws in states where cannabis is legalized for recreational use.

The Company hereby states that operations and plans for 2018 will not be affected if the federal government does decide to increase cannabis enforcement. Bayport’s operations do not “touch the plant,” meaning the Company is not involved in the cultivation, production, extraction, or sale of physical cannabis and its by-products.

As a Cannabis technology company, Bayport is able to bring cannabis consumers and entrepreneurs together on a global scale. This allows the Company to benefit from other cannabis markets, such as Canada, Australia, and more. Technology will allow cannabis companies to set themselves apart in an increasingly crowded field. For cannabis consumers, technology will provide ability to connect with their local vendors and shop at www.weedwiser.com upcoming ecommerce store.

Jeff Sessions recently announced the nullification of the Cole Memo, which was issued by then-Attorney General James Cole in August 2013. The Cole Memo essentially made federal cannabis enforcement a low priority and focus within states that had legalized cannabis for recreational use. Bayport International believes this announcement will benefit the Cannabis Industry as it will now force Congress to act, after years of largely ignoring the issue. The Cole Memo was never meant to be a long term solution for the cannabis movement, and it is important to have real legislation that creates a set of universal guidelines that can keep consumers and entrepreneurs safe. It is now up to Congress to respond and create real legislation.

Bayport also believes that there have been protections within the recent Federal Budgets that will curtail enforcement of Federal Laws that are in conflict with State measures. The Company looks forward to keeping investors informed on changes in the industry and its own developments as needed.

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. is also pleased to officially unveil new URL for corporate website: www.baypcanna.com. Additional details will follow as the website is closer to completion.

The company would also like to officially announce its new official corporate address:

3838 Oak Lawn Avenue

Suite 1000

Dallas, Texas 75219

Bayport International To Retire 10% Of All Outstanding Shares

DALLAS, Dec. 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:BAYP) announced today through its CEO, Clay Franks, is intent to retire approximately 10% of all outstanding common shares.

Mr. Franks stated, “We are under new leadership now and aggressively moving into the legal cannabis industry.  We could not be more thrilled with the myriad of opportunities this provides for Bayport International.”

Mr. Franks also stated, “We want to establish credibility up front with our shareholders and make it crystal clear to them that we have their best interests in mind.  As of today, we are retiring approximately 10% of all outstanding common shares.  These shares were sitting in reserve and we have no need for them to be on the books in the near or intermediate term, so we felt it in the best interest of both the company and our shareholders to remove them altogether.”

Mr. Franks went on to say, “Also, as a result of the recent retirement of former officers and board members from our company, the preferred shares that they held with voting rights are also being retired.  We wanted to clean up the share structure completely prior to closing the first of several cannabis related acquisitions and these two steps should position us nicely for the future.”

As a closing statement, Mr. Franks stated, “We have some more exciting news coming in the next couple of weeks related to both our current cannabis related acquisition target and other acquisitions as well.  We will share via press release at the appropriate time.”

The process of retiring stock can take several days to update through our Transfer agent and other sources.

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: BAYP) Releases Updates On Cannabis Tech Acquisition

DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – Nov 30, 2017) – Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: BAYP) announces further details and updates regarding the web development of its latest cannabis technology acquisition in progress.

The Company is finalizing the definitive documents that will be used to close on the transaction. BAYP expects to have the sales and purchase contracts finished shortly; after execution Bayport will announce the acquisition and release further information on the new domain name and development details.

“I am looking forward to sharing the name and the details of our acquisition to the public. We are extremely excited about how all of our assets will begin to work together to create our aforementioned tech platform,” stated Clay Franks, CEO of Bayport. “Few people realize how important technology will become in the Cannabis industry as it is about to be forced into a binary transition from slightly regulated to extremely regulated. We intend to monetize a suite of products that will ease the transition for the producers and dispensaries that will be our partners.”

Management is currently finalizing the structuring of its new cannabis tech platform, which will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Bayport International Holdings along with www.weedwiser.com

Management will have more news out next week to provide specific details of the new cannabis tech platform once everything is finalized and completed. This will be the latest achievement towards Bayport’s goal of building an ecosystem of cannabis tech platforms that complement each other and provide synergies for the Company.

Bayport International continues to develop its recently announced strategic partnership with GreenLink Financial, which will help BAYP generate revenue and build strong relationships within the cannabis sector.

The Company is extremely excited to participate in the growth in the industry that is expected to benefit from the “recreational” launch in California in January 2018.

California represents the largest population of residents in a single state in the US, but also represents 250 million tourists annually, which will also be curious about California cannabis production.

Bayport International Poised To Become “The Angie’s List” of the Cannabis Industry

DALLAS, Nov. 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:BAYP) announced today through its CEO, Clay Franks their intent to compete directly with multiple online directories catering to the legal cannabis industry.

Mr. Franks stated, “We will be completing our first cannabis related acquisition on or before January 27, 2016.  We can tell you today that the company of choice has created a business with incredible scalability and revenue potential for years to come.  Not only will we compete in the cannabis industry directly with Weedmaps, Leafly and other well-known directory websites, but this particular business model sets itself apart in a very unique way.”

Mr. Franks explained, “Most directory websites are just that; a way for visitors to find businesses within a particular niche and relevant details about that particular business.  We will take it a step further.  We will work closely with any business listed in our directory to enhance other aspects of their online marketing success such as their primary website, their approach to search engine optimization, their approach to advertising, their social media footprint, etc.  This is a very unique approach that not only adds value, but will enhance the retention rate of the directory listings and creates additional revenue streams that are being left on the table by current competitors.  We feel strongly that this business model has upside in the millions of dollars.”

Mr. Franks went on to say, “Yes, we are well aware of the competition and their head start in this particular niche market, however, we are also aware that the cannabis industry is just getting started and we will compete aggressively over time to capture significant market share.  If you look at the incredible amounts of revenue already being generated in this space with only a handful of states having a mature cannabis market at this point, you begin to understand the tremendous revenue potential that this will create for Bayport International.  This first acquisition will be an “all stock” transaction with key individuals joining our company on an incentive basis as support personnel.”

Mr. Franks finished up with, “This team of design and coding experts is currently making several adjustments to the platform and its capabilities based on our specific requests.  Once they’ve made these adjustments and we’ve tested and retested the platform, we have every intention of closing this deal and operating as a separate Bayport International entity on or before January 27, 2017.  We could not be more excited about this opportunity for our management team and our shareholders and we look forward to sharing more information in the near future.”

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: BAYP) Announces Strategic Partnership with GreenLink Financial

DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – Nov 14, 2017) – Bayport International Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK: BAYP) has finalized a strategic partnership with GreenLink Financial LLC, a specialty financial services provider for highly-regulated banking challenged businesses. GreenLink Financial partnerships provide FinCEN registered banking services, electronic business to business payment systems, electronic processing services and lending to high risk markets.

Management of Bayport believes that it is imperative for the players in the medicinal cannabis industry to operate in an ethical manner. “The more we can operate and ‘self-police’ our activities the less the regulators will have to make rules to manage the industry,” stated Clay Franks.

Bayport is building a platform of technologies in the Cannabis Industry — helping operators manage their business, find new customers and identify service providers that make operating their growing businesses more efficient. GreenLink Financial will provide a suite of financial products to Bayport’s clients that will work seamlessly with the other aspects of the Ecosystem that is being built.

The agreement with GreenLink will provide for compensation to Bayport for financial activities that are directed to GreenLink by Bayport. To learn more about GreenLink please visit www.greenlinkfinancial.co.

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: BAYP) unveils Technology Platform Initiative and targets Acquisition in Cannabis Tech

DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – Nov 9, 2017) – Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: BAYP), (“the Company” or “Bayport”) is pleased to announce the development of a new cannabis technology platform. Bayport management has determined that the best route to success is not necessarily betting on a single technology or revenue stream, but to develop multiple revenue streams in business lines or services where the Company benefits from “cross selling” opportunities between businesses and/or economies of scale.

“The Cannabis industry is in ‘Land Grab’ phase,” enthused Clay Franks, CEO. “There are thousands of market participants that are entering the business and learning the ropes — and willing to try anything and everything that helps them grow their business and become more efficient. The more Bayport can do to help these entrepreneurs execute, the more valuable and profitable we will become.”

The Company expects to release further information and details regarding the acquisition and platform as soon as possible. It expects to make announcements over the coming days and weeks.

CEO Clay Franks continued, “This acquisition will be the second Cannabis tech vertical, and it will be customized specifically to complement our current cannabis technology website, Weedwiser.com.”


Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: BAYP) Bayport announced it is looking to divest its oil and gas interests to become a more productive leader within the Cannabis Technology industry. Bayport lists some of the oil and gas assets that the company is currently looking to divest. More due diligence and prospective will be provided in the near future.

Trawick Gas Unit 21, (Trawick Gas Field), Nacogdoches County, Texas. BAYP owns Royalty Interest. Info on the wells can be found on the Texas Railroad Commission website. The operator for this unit is the Exxon Mobil Corporation.
Star Duster No. 1 Gas & Oil Well, Nacogdoches County, Texas. BAYP owns Royalty Interest. Lease ID 225303 Info on the wells can be found on the Texas Railroad Commission website. The operator for this unit is the Sonerra Resource Corporation.
J. H. Wade Oil Well Field Name (PHANTOM LAKE (TANNEHILL) Jones County, Texas. BAYP owns Royalty Interest & Overriding Royalty Interest. Lease ID 11407 Info on the wells can be found on the Texas Railroad Commission website. The operator is Schkade Bros. Operating Company.
Baker 1H Gas Well, BAYP owns Royalty Interest in Lease ID 263188 & API number 347-33238 per Texas Railroad Commission. Operator is Eog Resources, Inc. The field name is Hayneville Shale, a major natural gas field in the United States located in the East Texas region. Since November 2011 to August 2013 production number per MCF is 1,821.380.
5.0% working Interest and 3.75% net revenue in a new drilling program in the Steffelbeam Lease, Forest County, Pennsylvania. The contract is for wells with permit numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4, which have been submitted to Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) and approved.

In late 2016, Bayport International Holdings, Inc. announced that it would be transitioning from oil & gas to the cannabis technology business. The cannabis technology market is on track to see massive growth, as legalization and decriminalization further takes hold. Todays announcement is a major step in the transition to being a fully-focused cannabis technology company. Currently, Bayport is in the process of developing its Weedwiser digital cannabis directory platform and actively evaluating acquisition opportunities within the cannabis technology industry. Bayport will provide further details on its oil & gas divestment and cannabis technology developments in the coming weeks.