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Bayport International Announces Second Cannabis Related Acquisition

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:BAYP) announced today through its CEO, Clay Franks their second planned acquisition specifically for the legal cannabis industry, but with implications for other industries as well.

Mr. Franks stated, “We recently announced the pending acquisition of an Online Cannabis Industry Directory that will compete directly with Weedmaps, Leafly and other well-known directory websites.  We also announced that we are putting the infrastructure in place in order to offer any business listed in our directory customized support with other aspects of their online marketing success such as their primary website, their approach to search engine optimization, their approach to advertising, their social media footprint, etc.  This approach will add value, enhance retention rates and create additional revenue streams, but one key component of our overall plan was missing.”

Mr. Franks said, “While our monthly subscriber fees will be very affordable for our Cannabis Directory customers, not every customer will have the funds necessary to afford the customized marketing and advertising packages that will also be available.  In an effort to ensure that we did not leave any potential revenue on the table, we sought out a component that we felt we could purchase for a reasonable price with a return on investment that could be one thousand fold or better.  As a planned incentive component of our Cannabis Directory, we are purchasing an up to date video library that covers every aspect of online marketing and advertising.  The library contains well over 40 separate tutorials with well over 500 videos and counting.  We have also negotiated a long term plan to ensure that the library stays current and up to date at all times.”

Mr. Franks stated, “This may sound like small potatoes to some, but I for one am very passionate and excited about this particular step in the process.  For us it is a key component to substantial revenue generation for years to come.  The revenue potential for our Cannabis Directory is in the millions of dollars.  In order to ensure that we grow our base of new customers while retaining those that we already have, there has to be incentives for them to stay with us for the long term.  For those who may be on a budget, but still desperate to learn how to increase their customer base, this online marketing video library is just one of the many incentives that we will include as part of our overall strategy.”

Mr. Franks also stated, “Another exciting part of this particular purchase is the fact that it has opened up a myriad of possibilities as to how we can grow corporately beyond just the cannabis industry.  There are many niche industries that are underserved and business owners across the country that are hungry for information and/or support on how to grow their customer base in an ever changing online environment.  While we will stay laser focused on our overall strategy for operating in the cannabis industry and will always remain open for additional cannabis related revenue possibilities, we are now evaluating additional niche industries that we feel could be served by a directory platform and all of the incentives that we will already have in place for their use as well.  In addition, as a completely separate revenue portal, this entire video library will be set up as a completely automated membership based site that will be available to any and all small business across the country.”

Mr. Franks finished up with, “Both of these acquisitions will officially close on or before December 19, 2016.  At closing, Bayport International will acquire an existing Oregon based LLC and we will operate all of our cannabis related businesses under this LLC as a separate division of the company.  All assets will be transferred and operating as a separate entity of Bayport International on or before January 27, 2017.  We want to thank each of those who are investing their time and effort into the overall business plan and we’d also like to thank our shareholders for their support.”

About Bayport International Holdings, Inc.

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. is a holding company active in Oil & Gas, strategic metals, precious minerals and energy production. The company is also pursuing opportunities in the legal cannabis industry. The objective of the company is to provide diverse, yet practical investment opportunities to its shareholders.