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Bayport International Holdings, Inc. Looking to acquire Cannabis Tech, Evaluating Multiple Acquisition Targets in the Cannabis Industry

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTCP:BAYP) is pleased to announce it is currently searching for acquisition targets within the cannabis technology industry. Bayport is currently in the process of evaluating multiple potential acquisition targets.

A couple of the opportunities that have been presented to us are in the cannabis industry and one option in particular is very attractive to us due to the scalability, the national reach and the revenue potential.”

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. is a company that up until late 2016 was focused primarily on precious metals, rare earth and oil and gas ventures. However, in late 2016, the company decided to refocus its focus to capture the incredible growth within the cannabis technology industry.

Clay Franks added, “The cannabis industry for the most part is still in its infancy. Multiple states already allow medical marijuana and several now allow recreational products as well. One of the options weve been presented has staying power for the long term and the risk vs reward if off the charts. We are excited about what weve seen to date and feel strongly that a separate division focused on the cannabis industry will create a long term benefit for the company and our shareholders.

Its Bayport attention to seek and acquire Legal Cannabis Tech sector acquisitions now and in the future to continue shareholder growth. This includes to further contribute to Weedwiser growth and development and marketing with new addition to additional platforms and applications to keep up with industry competitions.